Munir Sheva Z"L, the early 50s

Our story

In the early 1990s, the company began marketing products to its customers in a push, a daily delivery to the customer’s gates. (Unlike the traditional way of buying from the wholesale markets). By this push marketing was a strategic move that led to a significant increase in sales volume.
Today, the company is running by members of the Sheva family – Ilan and Sasi, Leaning on the same family values that existed 40 years ago,
The members of the Sheva family succeed in bringing to the Israeli and international market a message of quality, a wide range of products and reliability, which have made it the leading company in its field.


Bikurey hasade have a wide range of customers in Israel and around the world. The diverse marketing presence enables the sale of agricultural produce of various qualities.
All this enables Bikurey hasade to provide solutions for the purchase of diverse agricultural produce from its suppliers.

Logistics Distribution & Collection

packaging & pallets

Advanced Accounting Services

Quality control

Bikurey hasade has a strict quality control system that audits the quality of the purchased product and classifies the different qualifications.
In addition, most of our suppliers work in partnership with pesticide residue control companies.

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