Quality control

Bikurey hasade has a strict quality control system that audits the quality of the purchased product and classifies the different qualifications.

pesticide residue control

Bikuri Sde Darom invests a lot of effort to maintain the marketing and sale of quality and safe agricultural produce. Regarding product safety, we meet the regulatory requirements for pesticide residues and compliance with standard thresholds for microbial parameters.

The marketing of the agricultural produce to the Bikuri HaSadeh group is done by suppliers who are in an inspection program with an approved inspection company.

As part of the contracting process with the supervisory companies, the requirements for proper and controlled economic conduct must be met. A supplier who will not pass the pesticide residue tests using the Gc-ms + Lc-ms methods and who will not be in an inspection program will refrain from marketing products to our company.

As part of the inspection requirements, the supplier must mark his products according to the growers he markets and indicate them on the delivery note.
It is the supplier’s responsibility to make sure that all the products he supplies to our company are supervised and approved for marketing. Sampling is performed for all suppliers.

Pest Control

The risk of finding pesticides or other prohibited substances in the products is one of the most issues that our company has set itself the goal to prevent.
Because of this, An entire department has been established in the company, which supervises all the produce that arrives And if necessary takes produce for laboratory sampling.
And only after approval, confirms the entry of the goods into our company.